Chiharu Shiota – The Key in the Hand


Bei Facebook bin ich gerade über dieses umwerfende Video der wahnsinnig schönen Installation “The Key in the Hand” der in Berlin lebenden japanischen Künstlerin Chiharu Shiota gestoßen. Leider war es dort etwas pixelig, bei Youtube gibt es aber glücklicherweise eine höher aufgelöste Version:



Zu sehen war die Installation im Japanischen Pavillion im Rahmen der 56. International Art Exhibition bei der Biennale di Venezia.

Auf der zugehörigen Projektseite findet man auch eine detailliertere Beschreibung. Hier nur ein kleiner Auszug:

“After being confronted with the deaths of several intimate friends and family in recent years, Shiota has converted these experiences into the lingua franca of pure and sublime art without averting her eyes from the reality that all human beings must face “life” and “death” but that each of us must do so individually. At times, Shiota’s work conveys a sense of the “darkness” that is inevitably contained in the “unknown world” associated with death and uncertainty. Even today, four years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it is conceivable that viewers from various countries visiting a large international exhibition like the Venice Biennale will be overwhelmed by the “dark” parts of her work due to its associations with a country that has suffered deep physical and spiritual wounds. In Shiota’s work, however, there is a powerful “light” of hope and spiritual brightness that dwells deep within the darkness. This is a light that is inherent not only in the tremendous anxiety that plagues Japanese people but in the precarious state of things all over the world.” (source)

Über die Arbeit der Künstlerin werde ich bestimmt nochmal separat berichten.

Website von Chiharu Shiota mit vielen weiteren tollen Projekten:

Website des Japanischen Pavillions mit weiteren Infos zur Installation “The Key in the Hand”:

featured image: press release



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